Back in 4th grade when it was 2014 my resolution was to pass my grade level and get into 5th grade ,when I was done with all my STAAR test I was afraid that I would not pass the fourth grade level.A few days later after the test the teacher was telling our grades called me and said “Alberto come see you results”.When I walked I felt I was shrinking for each step I took,then when I finally reached my destination she told me i was a very small little inch away for passing math she,but now I want to pass all my grades in fifth and past all my STAAR test so ill know ill make it into middle school and this is my school year resolution this year.

life as a fifth grader

On the first day of school I was scared because I never been in class Sam he was my friend in kindergarton. After that it was Cade Carter I was about to throw up because i did not know any of the teachers but they all semed very nice on our first spelling test I was freaking out because I thought I forgot my spelling words but i made a good grade and I was suprised and thats my life as a fifth grader

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River otters are excellent swimmers,  and their diet is fish, crawfish, frogs, turttels, birds and rabbits. Also River otters habitats are wetlands like Canda or the United Sates. A mama otter can have at least  4 baby otters at a time. A wild River Otter  lives up to nine years,and a zoo River Otter can live up to twenty-one years. Their preadetors are bobcats, coyotes,birds of prey,and a alligator.

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3rd grade reflictons

I learnd how to be safe on the internet
I struggled on my my license
I suprised my self by making my on voki
something that disapointed me was that i had to restart some of my test

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was brave. She never gave up on her dream of freedom. She was determined to escape. She was also confident because she cared for the slaves and her family. She was born a slave and died with freedom. We all care about Harriet Tubman because she was a brave hero who fought against slavery.