Pobre Ana Project

In this past semester in Spanish one, we have have been trying to learn more how to read while still learning about Mexican culture. One book we have been reading is called ‘Pobre Ana’ helping us understand words and different places in Mexico. one of our projects is making a slideshow of places to visit in Mexico.

  • This project connected by helping us learn historic landmarks, and how some states in Mexico are for tourist and others aren’t.
  • Another part of the project was looking at and identifying states of Mexico. A couple of things I learned from this is that the capital of Mexico in Mexico City and just to keep us on trackĀ  with the book we found that the Capital of Nayarit (the main setting in Pobre Ana) is Tepic
  • I don’t think anything really surprised me while I was researching. My mom is Mexican and she made sure we know our history like our Aztec Ancestors, there old home town, and how we would celebrate on days like Mexicos Independence day, September 16th
  • If I could visit 2 places in Mexico from my project on would be Guanajuato the place where my parents were raised just to see how my parents grew up and to see my family that I’ve never had a chance to meet. Another would be Rivera Maya an amazing sandy beach, crystal clear waters, jungle with abundant flora and fauna, remnants of an ancient culture, and the friendliness and hospitality of its people make the Riviera Maya unique.

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