Annemarie’s Bravery

Annemarie is becoming more worried as the book proceeds because she’s knowing more about the Nazis and what they are doing in her town. When she first encountered the soldiers she got kind of nervous because she never has spoken to a Nazi before. As the book continues Annemarie learns why the Nazis are here. Later in the book Nazis stumble across their house and come in as they investigate. When they investigated Annemarie’s room she was scared to have Ellen so she took of her necklace as the two German soldiers investigate her house.She is terrified as the two soldiers approach her and Ellen.

The best Christmas present I ever gave ________.

The best present that I gave came on Christmas night at my house like every year.  It was the whole family’s secret Santa. The person I gave it to was my cousin. Now this was going to be difficult because he was a gamer and that’s all he ever did.  When it was Christmas time and the party was about to begin, we traded presents. I went first so I could would know what his reaction would be, when I saw his  reaction, it made me smile because I’ve never seen him so happy. when he left he thanked me for the gift

5th Grade Reflection

This year I did not  expect it I thought it was going to be boring  and lame ,but  it was a fun year and it went by fast id actually passed all grades this year,and now I think I am  ready to go up that hill.

Civil War Amazing Facts

Lincoln called the Civil War “the Continental Division”.

Before the was formed, many different civilizations existed on the American continent.

The issue of slavery and central power divided the United States.

The civil war began when Southern troops bombarded Fort Sumter,  South Carolina.

The bloodiest battle of The Civil War was the battle of Gettysburg.

GS project reflection

During my Google Search project we had a lot of work to do when it was the day to I  like I did not do so hot. When we were done with our presentation we thought we only got 1 or 2 threes but when I graded the others they did pretty good.


Hazel is just a normal average girl that likes to play baseball.She use to play with her dad but he got fired so he hoped on a train it was hard to find for a job in the 1930’s because The Great Depression was starting .one day she heard the boys next door she wanted to play but they did not want to play with with any girls.On April 2nd,1931 they went to go see Jackie Mitchel play the first girl to play baseball they made a bet if she could strike out Babe Ruth so then Babe Ruth got out.The next day she heard the boys play and they agreed ti let her play.